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Plastic Surgery of the Gums


Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™

Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ for GUM RECESSION No scalpels - no stitches - Enjoy instant results with No downtime, done over your lunch hour! As seen on ABC's " The Doctors" aired January 21, 2014 This remarkable new Pinhole Gum Surgical Technique is an updated new option, often completed in a fraction of the time to traditional surgery, with faster healing with little to no pain, enhanced even further using our PRGF healing protocol. Amazing results, instantly enhancing your smile while protecting your healthy teeth! Gums can be restored to your teenage smile, in just one short visit.

Gum Graft

A gingival graft, best known as periodontal plastic surgery, is a procedure whose aim is to cover an area of exposed tooth root surface with gum tissue. The covering of exposed root surfaces accomplishes a number of objectives: the prevention of further root exposure, decreased or eliminated sensitivity, decreased susceptibility to root decay and improved cosmetic appearances. These procedures are best performed by a dental specialist in the field of gingival tissue, known as a Periodontist.

Dr. Pechak has over 17 years of experience in this field and as a Board Certified Periodontist you a assured the highest level of excellence for your treatment.

Gum Grafting is a procedure performed regularly by Dr. Pechak with phenomenal results. This is why we prefer to show our actual cases, in the photos below.

Dr. Pechak includes as his “Gold Standard of care” our advanced healing therapy known as PRF enabling our patients to have excellent results, less pain and accelerated healing after their procedure. For actual testimonials, please view these VIDEOS of our actual patients!


Case 1

Long Teeth — Exposed Roots

Patient: Katherine
GOAL: To get rid of the craggily yellow tones and bulges at the top of her teeth and gums; to seal and protect her natural smile from root decay in the future. She improved her smile and her health in one short procedure.

Patient: Anne
GOAL: Anne was not happy with the shape of the tops of her teeth, and the way her teeth appeared 'REALLY LONG,' she wanted to be able to smile a BIG SMILE and see a nice clean line at the tops of her teeth, enhancing her smile. The discoloration was showing in front due to root exposure and the appearance of her teeth gave an impression of 'poor health' even though she is a fabulously healthy woman.


Case 2

Seal - Exposed Roots

Patient: Susan
GOAL: When I smiled, which was rarely, I always felt extremely self conscious of my visible silver fillings, the brown decay, and exposed roots. My lower gum graft did the trick in one visit. Now I LOVE my smile!!!

Patient: Karen
GOAL: I felt old before my time. My discolored teeth were affecting my image and my confidence. I love what I see in the mirror today, I wish I had this done years ago. What was I so afraid of! This was nothing!


Case 3

Gumline Restored

Patient: John
GOAL: I wanted my gums and teeth to reflect my overall health. When I would find food trapped in that little area where my roots where exposed. Just the thought I could infect the rest of my body and compromise my genetic possibility of Diabetes, (I have it in my family) I am pleased I made the choice to restore my gums to the way they used to be, and projecting my overall good health.

Patient: Peter
GOAL: I knew my teeth were a MESS! The way they looked and the pain forced me into action. After a painless procedure, I realize how long I procrastinated over something that was so much less in pain than my daily experiences without treatment. Thank you Dr. Pechak and the support of the team at the Perio & Implant Center!


Case 4

Uneven Smile Line, perfected!

Patient: Max
GOAL: I am a male model, and preservation and enhancing my smile is integral to my future. For years my teeth appeared crooked, even though they were straight due to my uneven, top gum line. I feel a renewed sense of confidence and look forward to a continued future in my health, and my industry.

Patient: Salvadore "Sal"
GOAL: My nephew told me one day when I smiled that "I looked like the Grinch" which made me see that my gums ended at a point at the tops of my teeth! My dentist told me for years to fix this, I am so glad I did -- no more GRINCH for Christmas! And look forward to my natural teeth for years to come.


Case 5

Jagged Smile Line, no more!

Patient: Anthony
GOAL: I floss, I brush, and I hygiene but still -- yellow began to show at the tops of my normally healthy teeth! Gum recession was terrifying to me, I could not believe how easy it was to fix this. I took one TYLENOL before bed out of fear, that was it. I can tell you only about my experience, I had very very little discomfort, and what a difference!

Patient: Victor
GOAL: My lopsided smile, character they say -- but after years of hearing from my general dentist that it could damage my natural teeth, I decided to do something about it. I am so glad I did, just look at what Dr. Pechak did for me! My wife says I am a "hottie". Go for it!


Case 6

Exposed roots, preserved!

Patient: Sharon
GOAL: My lower teeth were in bad shape, twice as 'long' as when I was a kid and my gums very very thin. My general dentist sent me to several 'specialists' who told me there was NOTHING they could do, until Dr. Pechak. He had no problem 'building' my gums and restoring me to the beginning of time! I am very grateful for his care.

Patient: Nicole
GOAL: What is with this! I raised my kids, kept my fit body, have a great haircut and feel comfortable with the little wrinkles I 'earned', but my teeth getting yellow at the tops and my smile looking nasty was just not part of the deal. I am healthy, and now that my gum line was augmented to where it should be, I FEEL it presents who I am and my overall health. Thanks Dr. Pechak!

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