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COVID Safety



New Generation of Dental Care Keeps Patients Safe

To raise the bar to today’s standards, we have invested in and implemented the following additional COVID-safe protocols and included a number of new policies and added equipment to maintain our surgical gold standard of care.


• One-on-one Screening of Patients at Check-in, prior to entrance into the office, including a no-touch temperature scan and a a UV bar scan to kill any viruses on the surface of clothes, keys and wallets. Patients will be given an anti-COVID rinse, a complimentary, personalized mask, UV-Safe phone sanitizers, and traditional hand sanitizers and wipes, along with the standard sneeze shield plexi protection we are all getting used to as the new norm.

  • Scheduling according to social distancing protocols, will always be followed.

• COVID Testing for surgical patients on the day of treatment by RapidTEST, which provides results in ten minutes for the antibodies of COVID-19.

• Sneeze Guard Plexiglass Barriers at our front desk, along with protective equipment for our team, including face shields, masks and gloves. Our Team checks in for our workday, with the same protocols we use for our patients.

• A Socially Distanced Reception Area with complimentary UV blue sanitizer drop box for cell phones, eyeglasses and keys to use while seated, and a wipe-down sanitizing after each patient checks in and out in the reception area, noted by the hour and by the patient with a flip chart at completion..

• AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS, by Surgically Clean Air, a leader in hospital grad air filtration for hospital operating rooms. These medical-grade   air filters provide our patients with constant,  fresh, clean, germ free air in every room at a rate of more than 3 X necessary for our space, ensuring any airborne viruses and bacteria are immediately and consistently eliminated.

• UVC  BLUE Ozone Light Whole Room Disinfection after each patient, in addition to wipe-down, sanitization, with each patient transition.                              

• Among the first in the County to use and produce our own Ozone Water in house,  for use in our treatment room water systems. Ozone water is anti-viral, providing an additional layer of protection in the water used during exams and treatment to our centers’ in addition to our anti-COVID rinse.

• Negative Pressure Hospital Grade Suction Units are deployed during all procedures where aerosol is produced. Our units collect 99% of the aerosol generated, providing added protection from potential infection from airborne water droplets.

• Upon checkout, No-Touch Credit Card Scanners and a UV Wand are available providing another layer of assurance that no germs will leave with the patient.

• No Touch Espresso To Go made by face shield, masked, gloved team members upon request.




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