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What We Do


What we do, and why we have the confidence you will benefit.

Sedation “SLEEP” Dentistry

Gently fall asleep by our conscious oral sedation, or instantly with IV sedation. Dr. Pechak is certified and can provide any level of comfort you desire. Even General Anesthesia can be provided in our full service clinic.

Dental Implant Specialist

Dental Implant Specialist, the fixed solution to missing teeth, so nobody knows the difference.

  • Single immediate SAME DAY dental implants to include temporary crown
  • Single Implant, with same day bone augmentation
  • Complicated, multiple, and full mouth dental implants
  • Dentures supported by Dental Implant, fixed and removable
  • Computer-Guided Implant Placement utilizing 3‑D imaging Dental CT technology

Our DENTAL IMPLANTS come with a COMPLIMENTARY ANNUAL WELL CHECK for the life of the implant. WHAT THE OTHER GUYS don't want you to know, is that a DENTAL IMPLANT is an investment and needs AFTERCARE..... We only provide this for our own implants, and would not follow up on an implant placed by
another dentist. Oral Surgery practices do not provide Hygiene services for cleanings and support of the investment of a dental implant.

OUR HYGIENIST specialized in the cleaning of dental implants, and fixed teeth supported by dental implants, which is recommended each year to protect that investment, most of our Implants, last for LIFE. 

If you have been told there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO, talk to Dr. Pechak today!

LASER Certified Dental Team, L.A.N.A.P.™ PerioLASE which is the only protocol approved by the FDA!

NO BLADE and No suture treatment for gum disease treatment – done usually in 2 hours! In only one or two appointments, full treatment of Gum Disease, deep pockets is sealed, with little to no downtime or pain.

Minimally Invasive Tooth Removal

Our patients oftentimes wonder when the tooth will be extracted, only to find we are all done! When we say comfortable, we mean it.

MINIMALLY INVASIVE approach to common oral surgery provides less pain, faster healing, less downtime, and a better overall experience.

SUCH AS LASER LANAP, the only FDA approved laser for Gum Disease

PRP- PRF used in nearly EVERY TREATMENT we do, your own bodies healing cells are used in nearly every procedure we do, learn more about it HERE

Both the above items allow you to get the final tooth, in your mouth ASAP instead of waiting months to have your final crown.

Plastic Surgery of the Gums, with accelerated healing technology, PRGF.

Accelerated healing – PRGF allows us to speed your healing time significantly, by using your own body's growth factors.

Bone Augmentation and Preservation

WE BUILD BONE, plain and simple. If you have been told your situation is hopeless due to bone loss, talk to our team today. Dr. Pechak has helped thousands of people who thought there was nothing they could do, he can help you too.

Crown Lengthening

Minimally invasive techniques and technology, oftentimes can be scheduled the same day of your consultation so you can get on with your life!

Sinus Lifts, with accelerated healing, PRGF and Piezoelectric Technology

Safe, minimally invasive treatment, with advanced healing of PRGF where we put your own body’s healing power to work for you!


Oral Pathology

Dr. Pechak is a Board Certified Periodontist and a specialist in diseases of the gums and oral cavity.

Dental Screening

Dr. Pechak is qualified to provide a risk assessment for:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Joint Replacement, pre-clearance for Orthopedic Surgery
  • Comprehensive Treatment Planning with your Restorative Dentist

Our staff is fully trained in planning and coordinating complex cases with your restorative dentist. We plan and appoint all procedures so you don't have to! We provide a clear, step‑by‑step treatment program that is easy to follow, leaving all of the coordination to us.

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