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Schedule a Complimentary Meet & Greet


Come tour the the Perio & Implant Center
and meet the team.

Enjoy a catered‑in lunch with Dr. Pechak to allow one‑on‑one, doctor‑to‑doctor updates and questions about how the latest in technology can help your patients. Allow us to extend the support of our team to provide a seamless transition in communication, support, the most predictable results and an exceptional experience for your patients.

We provide the most minimally invasive techniques, complimented and supported by our highly trained team to provide an exceptional, seamless transition in treatment from your practice to ours. This flow is completed with ease, so that the patient can go back to your team for restorations and continued treatment.

We provide your patients a highly skilled, relaxed atmosphere to include a complimentary cappuccino, latte, espresso, mocha or a fruit infused herbal tea from our state‑of‑the‑art barista bar.

BONUS!!! Keepsake travel mug!

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