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Laser Treatments


Minimally invasive. No cutting. No stitches.
Usually done in 2 hours with minimal to no pain.
The only FDA approved LASER  the Periolase by Millennium and the  L.A.N.A.P.™ protocol.


Dr. Pechak uses a laser light to gently remove harmful bacterial from the gum pocket. This is done with no heat or damage to the healthy gum tissue, leaving the nerves undisturbed that normally react and cause pain in most dental procedures.  By eliminating the harmful bacteria, this allows the body to heal naturally so that the health of the gums and the  pockets that may be present due to the bacteria, reduce and improve and the teeth, thus, becoming more stable.

First the probe shows excessive pocket depth. The laser light kills bacteria. Then an ultrasonic scaler uses sound waves to break up and loosen tartar around the teeth. The laser finishes cleaning the pocket and allows for new bone growth.

Our goal is to provide minimally invasive options with optimal care and minimum discomfort for you.

  • Dr Pechak has the only FDA approved laser for gum Treatment in the area
  • Pin-hole surgery is a minimal invasive treatment that can sustain and maintain a healthy mouth / gums
  • Dr Pechak is a specialist in prevention of gum disease
  • Dr Pechak is voted the local favorite for treating gum disease



LANAP Laser Gum Treatment

LANAP Laser Gum Treatment

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