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Rated #1 in the San Francisco South Bay and in the Monterey Bay!

* These reviews are based on individual real patient experiences. Your individual experience may vary. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a medical professional before making any important decisions about your health.

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Patient Reviews for Dr. Jochen Peter Pechak

* These reviews are based on individual real patient experiences. Your individual experience may vary. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a medical professional before making any important decisions about your health.

Verified Reviews

AMAZING PAINLESS, comfortable...

Pleasantly surprised as I feared this for YEARS -- no big deal at all. Dr Pechak is a remarkable, precise German surgeon with a mild calm demeanor and exceptional skills. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

- Sally A. 9/14/2015

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Actual Patient

I have had many implants with Dr. Pechak they are all successful. Other periodontists were less successful. There was one implant that didn't take, probably because I did not take the antibiotics long enough. But Dr. Pechak redid the implant without charge. It took. I was quite impressed. I have a new implant in progress. Yesterday he inserted the implant which required lifting of the sinuses and added new bone material. He explained the progress at each step, assuring me that the drill bit is flat-ended and that it will not damage the sinuses, a concern of mine. The surgery was successful and uneventful. So far so very good. Due to the pandemic, I chose not to continue the process - for about a year. Yesterday, I continued the process at his new location. It went without any hiccup. I was surprised at the number of people who worked there - for one periodontist. It was a short routine visit.

Actual Patient "ALISON"

All-around a great experience. Dr. Pechak did palate grafts to my lower gum lines. I love the result (my mouth feels so much healthier and no more sensitivity to cold and heat!). Dr. Pechak is very professional, personable, and kind. I would recommend him to anyone who needs this procedure, even my grandmothers. The only downside was puffy cheeks for about 5 days after the procedure. Pain was minimal.

Actual Patient "GEORGE"

I am a patient of Dr. Pechak. As a result of a stress I had some serious periodontal infection and I suddenly lost 3 teeth at extreme upper left. There was also a very significant bone loss so that implants seemed not to be possible. Following Dr. Pechak´s advice I went to Dr. Kasey K. Li in Sunnyvale reconstructive surgery, who performed a set of surgical procedures to restore the bone to make implants possible. Dr. Li was in constant communication with Dr. Pechak discussing with him the best way to proceed and following his directions. Dr. Pechak has finished my 3 implants this week. I feel enormously happy about it and grateful to Dr. Pechak! When all of this happened, it was not much hope that I will be able to get the implants. I recommend Dr. Pechak in strongest possible terms.

Actual Patient "BILL"

Recently my dentist referred me to Dr. Pechak in hopes that he could correct the gum grafts I had done by a different periodontist. I am so pleased with the results and the exposed roots are completely covered.

Dr. Pechak thoroughly discussed pre-, interim and post procedures. He was very honest about expected pain, swelling & recovery time. The personal phone call to my home post-procedure was very appreciated as well. His staff is very professional and engaging. I wouldn't equate the facility to a health spa in that the environment is entirely different not to mention the procedures rendered are different. Although the Valium did help me relax! I would say that the facilities are clean, sterile where required, and very pleasant.

I highly recommend Dr. Pechak to any individual in need of periodontal work.

Actual Patient "JENNIFER"

My dentist recommended Dr. Pechak to me for some gum grafting work. I was somewhat anxious, just because "grafting" sounds scary and horrible.

Much to my pleasant surprise, it was just fine! Dr. Pechak did a great job of relieving anxiety by thoroughly explaining the procedure with accompanying photos of "before and after". There was no pain involved in the procedure, nor the recovery period. Dr. Pechak was concerned with my mouth because a few of the teeth had some pretty deep cavities, but the grafting was effective in dealing with this. The front desk staff and general office ambiance is pleasant and welcoming.

This procedure is not cheap, but I don't feel Dr. Pechak charges any more or less than anyone else.

I would highly recommend Dr. Pechak to friends and family.


OKAY, I was terrified, no HORRIFIED to face my issues with my teeth and feared this for over 15 years. Research to overcome my FEAR, GOOGLE'd his name "Pechak DDS MSD" and I took a chance on this Perio new to Monterey, with a location at Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale. I have now had THREE SURGERIES, each one NO BIG DEAL! Dr. Pechak explained things to me so I understood, and told me most patients only take TYLENOL when finished, HE WAS RIGHT ON! Amazing team, unique and inspired to your comfort from the moment you walk in the door, and a fabulous Doctor that everyone who fears facing the PERIO ISSUES - MUST SEE. I am CURED, and my teeth are set for life, thank you Dr. Pechak! And, the amazing supportive, team. I am so thrilled searched for a place where I could give a review as a raving fan - and begged for the photos and info about Dr. P. Just walk in to see this place, its amazing!

—KR, in PG.

Simply The Best

Allen E. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

Dr. Pechak and his staff are without comparison. I experienced pain in a molar and my regular dentist referred me to a periodontist because the tooth already had a root canal. After being placed on a wait list to see another periodontist, I called his office and immediately noticed a difference. Maya answered the phone and said that they could see me later that afternoon because we do not like to see our patients in pain. I later found out that Dr. Pechak came in from a conference in town to see me. When I arrived at the dental office, the staff greeted me immediately and thanked me for coming in and offered to get me a beverage while I waited. The office was relaxing and comfortable, and they had obviously placed a lot of thought into how they decorated it. In a short time, I was escorted back to the dental chair and assured that Dr. Pechak would be able to help. I noticed that all the equipment was state of the art and was given a couple x-rays. Dr. Pechak came in, introduced himself very professionally and courteously, and got right to the exam. He showed me the digital x-rays on the computer screen and explained that I had an abscessed tooth and recommended that it be extracted followed by a bridge or an implant. He said that he had done this numerous times and it would be fine. The following week he extracted the tooth using the newest techniques (my own blood plasma cells to speed healing). After waiting for the jawbone to heal (about 3 months) he then did a second surgery for the implant. I am now waiting for the bone to grow around the implant for another 3 months and then he will do one more surgery to finish off the implant. Everything is going well and the treatment has been exactly like Dr. Pechak explained to me when I first met him. Through both the surgeries I have undergone, Dr. Pechak and his staff have been totally outstanding and I feel like I am getting the best treatment possible. All the personnel at his office are highly professional, yet compassionate. I highly recommend his practice to you

Dentist You WANT to visit!

Nora J. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

I want to thank Dr. Pechak and his wonderful staff (including his lovely wife Maya) for taking such good care of our daughter. She had to have a frenectomy (removal of the frenum, some skin in between one's front teeth) as part of prep for braces. Surgery, even minor, is always nerve wracking but it was a piece of cake. First, the office is totally beautiful, nicer than most spas. We even had cappuchinos and cookies while we waited! They took great care of our daughter, even gave her a blanket after the procedure. Dr. Pechak is a master with pain management and she barely needed Tylenol. 48 hours later you can hardly tell she had surgery!

Wonderful dental experience!

Lisa C. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

After my first visit to Dr. Pechak's office for a consult, I was extremely impressed with the whole experience. Everyone was very courteous and pleasant, I almost forgot what I was there for. I have since gone through my first phase of gum grafting and to my surprise, I had absolutely no pain post surgery. Since I will be going back for the second phase, it's nice to know there is nothing to be worried about. I look forward to it because the end result is definitely worth it. I highly recommend Dr. Pechak and his staff, very professional and friendly.

Best dental care

Ragnar B. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

Me and my wife come from Sweden, and we are used to good dental care. But Dr. Pechak's clinic beat everything we have previously experienced! The wonderfully modern office matches the friendliness, care and ultra-professionalism that we were both met with. It's a great feeling when you can just relax and trust that you are in the best hands! We give them our highest recommendations!

First Time at Periodontist, by Marsha K

Marsha K. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

Very comfortable and comforting. After the initial consultation and the news that I did, indeed, need gum grafting, I was supported and encouraged. The actual procedure went very well, and there is "100%" improvement in appearance and condition. The staff is like family, especially Vivian and Maya. I will be returning after the new year, when the Delta Dental benefit kicks in. I will definitely recommend Dr. Pechak to my friends.

Excellence Personified

Peter K. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

The superlatives for Dr. Jochen Pechak, his staff, and the total dental operation abound, such as: exemplary; exceeding expectations; consistent excellence; masterful; genuine; truthful; professional; personable; personalized; and totally impressive. I was, of course, hoping for a positive experience; however, what actually occurred was unbelievable. The space age environment matched the dentistry expertise. Often, either an office "looks good," but disappoints in the procedures and results, or vice versa,
but Dr. Pechak magically delivers in all respects. My gums had eroded to the degree of exposing the roots. Dr. Pechak grafted "new" skin with impeccable adroitness. EACH one of the staff members fulfilled their roles in a warm, polite, and ultra competent manner. If "you" are fortunate enough to land an appointment, do not hesitate to leap at the opportunity.

The Place for Perio

robin k. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

Would I recommend Dr. Pechak's office ?YES,YES,YES! When I walked into his office it felt like a spa.The staff is extremely friendly ,and they know what they are doing. Carol's smile immediately relaxes you.Maya makes you feel like a friend rather than a patient. Dr. Pechak has to be one of the most knowledgeable doctors on the planet!.He saved my gums!!Oh,the coffee is superb,too.Six stars is not enough.

Teresa J. Monterey, Ca.

Teresa J. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

I would recommend Dr. Pechak to anyone needing specialized dental care. I am going through the process of having my teeth and gums brought back to their healthy state and am so glad I chose Dr. Pechak. The doctor, everyone on his staff, and the office itself rates 5 stars(if not more!) Thanks guys for all of your help!

World class service

Robin D. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

What a relief to have had my implant needs in the hands of Dr. Pechak! He and his staff are the best I have ever dealt with, I highly recommend him to anyone who may need these services.

P. Edwards

Phyllis E. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

My experience with Dr. Pechak's office was as pleasant as that kind of health care can be. His staff is welcoming and helpful. They went out of their way to make me feel at ease even serving fresh tea practically the minute I entered the door. Dr. Pechak's manner is caring, sincere, and informative, his treatments effective. I'd recommend him to anyone. Thank you thank you!

Anonymous 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

Dear Dr. Pechak,
I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Sahiwal finished putting in the permanent crown last week, and it feels and looks great. I can't wait to show it to you at my cleaning appointment on Thursday 3/27! I will be moving soon after that, so I was wondering if you could please provide me with a referral for dentists or periodontists in New York City? And just in case I haven't made it clear in the past, I wanted to say thank you very much for all of your exceptional work over the past few years in fixing my gums and teeth, and giving me a new smile!

your patient

Best dental experience ever!

Rina B. 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

I too had Dr. Pechak do my extraction and implant. I was so impressed with his expertise and manner. He was exceedingly kind and careful in explaining the process, and putting me at ease always. He's an expert in implants and in a virtually painless procedure. The only discomfort I had was a bit of soreness with the extraction (to be expected). But a little Ibuprofen did the trick. The rest was a piece of cake! He knows what he's doing and how to do it with superb skill and utmost comfort to the patient. He gives advanced seminars in periodontics and implants to other specialists, so he's abreast of the latest and best approaches and techniques. And his office staff are great - very personable, kind, supportive and cater to the patient's needs And, lo and behold, DR PECHAK TAKES DELTA DENTAL! At a time when so many dentists and perios in Monterey are going private and bailing on us, here comes an expert in his craft who takes our insurance! I'll also be scheduling my cleanings and general check ups with Dr. Pechak's office from now on. He's top of the line and a great asset to our community.

Dr. Rina Benmayor


Anonymous 5 Dr. Jochen P Pechak, DDS MSD, Perio & Implant Center of the Monterey Bay

NEVER have I experience such care! I lived in FEAR for years, I need a gum graft. I interviewed every Periodontist in the entire Monterey county until Dr. Pechak arrived from Silicon Valley area into Ryan Ranch. The Perio & Implant Center is BRAND NEW! Dr. Pechak is kind, brilliant and absolutely gifted at what he does! He sent my home Post Operated,with pain pills but promised I would only need Tylenol, and he was right! I took ONE TYLENOL and that was it! NO PAIN! I highly recommend a visit to this amazing facility just to see it, from the Cappuccino offered in the wait area to the Perio & Implant Center Team, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. There is a new Periodontist in town.

Patient Review:
Very professional and excellent surgeon and good follow-up. My procedure yielded excellent results. Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 2 months.
posted: 06/20/2010 2:05 PM

Patient Review:

I didn't know Dr, Pechak when I first went to his office; I've only heard of him thru reviews and I can say now that it was totally worth it. My case was very special and it required several examinations and evaluations. After two years of preliminary treatments, including orthodontics, I finally got my implants, which adapted very well. The staff is wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Pechak knowledge, skills, and analysis ensured that my case was tailored to my best interest and a great rate of success. I recommend Dr. Pechak with confidence in a great result.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 3 years.
posted: 06/16/2010 3:28 PM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak did a sinus lift ,bone grafting and working on a tooth implant. He made sure i understood how the process was going to be and what to expect; he made everything so simple and painless. Recovery was really easy and he made sure i felt comfortable at all times. I highly recommend him without reservations.

About Hygienist: Chuckie is amazing, always taking care of you and making sure you are comfortable at all times.
She makes the process easy too, always with a smile, i love her.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 6 months.
posted: 04/01/2010 9:41 PM

Patient Review:

Dr, Pechak did a tooth extraction and dental implant for me. As a physician, I am very picky about who takes care of me. I knew I had the right man when a dentist friend of mine told me he had gone to Dr. Pechak for his own dental implant. Dr. Pechak proved to be kind, thorough, and skilled. He explained all procedures well, made sure I was comfortable, and that I healed properly. The result was excellent. I recommend him without reservation.
Dr. Pechak's assistant, Chuckie, is a doll. She is cute, funny and smart. She always made me feel welcome. She was always professional and skilled. I looked forward to going back just to see Chuckie. So will you!
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 1 year.
posted: 03/24/2010 7:59 AM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak has done 2 major surgeries in my mouth. He grafted gum tissue on 10 of my lower teeth. Yikes!! He was very thorough and explained the whole process to me so I could feel a little better about what was being done and what to expect during recovery. He spent quite a bit time making sure I was healing correctly and that everything looked good.
He was very calm, thorough and his work is excellent

About Hygienist: His assistant, Chuckie was so good. She was very quick and enjoyable. I looked forward to my follow-up appointments so that I could visit with her.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 1 year, 6 months.
posted: 03/22/2010 9:51 PM

Patient Review:

I had two gum grafting surgeries done by Dr. Pechak: one in August last year and one in January. I wanted the surgery to be split so that I can see how it goes, and both times Dr. Pechak did an absolutely outstanding job. Saying that he strongly exceeded my expectations is still an understatement. I felt absolutely no pain after the surgery. His assistant Chuck is extremely competent, and I do not think that you can find anyone better than Dr. Pechak and Chuck for your dental treatment. Dr. Jochen Pechak is probably the most skilled and most experienced periodontist of the century. My dentist Christine Hansen recommended him. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs dental surgery.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 7 months.
posted: 02/28/2010 7:22 PM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak did 2 gum grafts that covered 4 teeth. He was excellent at explanation of procedure before hand. He was quick and efficient and I had less pain than expected. Highly recommended.

About Hygienist: Chuckee treated me very well.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 1 month.
posted: 02/03/2010 5:45 PM

Actual Patient "ALEX"

Dr. Jochen Pechak placed six implants into my jaw over several years. If I had to do it all over again, Dr. Pechak would be my clear first choice to complete the task. His attention to procedural details is impressive and required.

Actual Patient "ELIZABETH"

I was referred to Dr. Pechak by my regular dentist for a gum graft. Not being familiar with the procedure, Mr. Pechak did a great job of explaining and made me feel at easy in the process. I´m extremely happy with the results of the procedure and have not had any problems since. I will certainly seek out Dr. Pechak for any future procedures I might need.

Actual Patient "TOM"

My dentist recently referred me to Dr. Pechak to complete gum surgery and grafts on several teeth. In the pro-op exam Dr. Pechak did a very good job in explaining the procedure and thoroughly answering questions that I had. The procedure itself went well. I appreciated Dr. Pechak´s explanations of what he was doing as he progressed through the procedure. He and his assistant checked with me periodically throughout the procedure to ensure that I was not in pain. After the procedure was completed, I was pleased with the initial results of the gum grafts. I had no pain in the recovery period which I think was attributed to being given good advice both verbally and in the information provided by Dr. Pechak in the post-op package. I was very impressed with the final results of the surgery and would highly recommend Dr. Pechak to anyone looking for great periodontal treatment and care!

Actual Patient "JAN"

This year it became clear that gum graft treatment would be necessary for my receding gums. As a trauma therapist, I am acutely aware of the impact of the people and situations surrounding any surgical procedure. I interviewed three periodontists in this area and confidently chose Dr. Pechak. From start to finish, Dr. Pechak is steady, present, extremely skillful and always available to answer questions. My case is relatively extensive, and I can sense Dr. Pechak´s commitment to go the extra mile to accommodate my overall treatment plan. In my first and most extensive procedure, I healed very quickly and experienced nearly no pain. Immediately, I could anticipate my next two more procedures without any qualms or apprehension. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Pechak´s outstanding assistance. Thank You!

Actual Patient "KAREN"

I am a general dentist in San Jose, CA and I personally asked Dr. Pechak to perform my much needed periodontal surgery on my upper right back molar. Over the years I have known Dr. Pechak to be e very kind professional with great credentials. After he performed the surgery, I found that indeed, he is a wonderful periodontist as well.

Dr. Pechak administered a flawless injection and he and his team members continuously asked if I was comfortable. During the procedure, Dr. Pechak kept me posted as to the progress of the surgery. He sent me home with a little "care package" that included mouth rinse, emergency phone numbers, and instructions. I had very little post-operative discomfort and he even called me that evening to how I was feeling.

I highly recommend Dr. Pechak, not only to patients who need periodontal treatment and care, but to my colleagues.

—Dr. Karen Ho, San Jose

Patient Review:

Me and my wife come from Sweden, and we are used to good dental care. But Dr. Pechak's clinic beat everything we have previously experienced! The wonderfully modern office matches the friendliness, care and ultra-professionalism that we were both met with. It's a great feeling when you can just relax and trust that you are in the best hands! We give them our highest recommendations!

About Hygienist: The hygienist was highly professional and efficient, while being relaxed and very friendly at the same time.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 1 month.
posted: 03/03/2009 10:36 AM

Patient Review:

Good guy for gum work. very little pain.Nice office. has two offices. recommend him. Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 8 years.
posted: 02/17/2009 8:32 PM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak is the most qualified doctor I have ever received treatment from. Prior to the procedure I was anxious about getting a dental implant and thought it would be painful and disrupt my work schedule. Dr. Pechak handled each procedure so skillfully that I hardly felt any pain, and the implant healed with no complications in less than 3 months.
The staff in this facility are also all were very helpful and courteous in every way.
I high recommend Dr. Pechak and his Perio-Implant Center to anyone seeking to get a dental implant.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 5 months.
posted: 02/12/2009 10:29 PM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak is an impressively gifted periodontist who uncommonly blends artistry with dentistry. Another evasive tandem is professionalism and personableness. So few doctors are both preeminent in their fields while simultaneously exhibiting warmth and humanness. Dr. Pechak unquestionably resides in that rarefied distinction.
Dr. Pechak's "beyond beautiful" office mirrors the beautiful way his staff represents his ideals for treating patients in the most regal manner imaginable! THANK YOU Dr. Pechak and staff!
Peter K.
posted: 10/02/2008 10:19 PM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak and his staff were tremendous. I had three gum grafting surgeries and was impressed with Dr. Pechak's skills; he was professional, meticulous, and considerate of my comfort throughout the procedure and during my recuperation. I highly recommend him.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 2 years.
posted: 08/28/2008 4:56 PM

Patient Review:

I highly recommend Dr. Pechak!! I broke a front tooth crown and had to get an implant. He did an excellent job - very skilled, professional, and efficient. He is extremely nice and answered all my questions. I never had to wait more than 15 minutes before seeing him, and I found it very easy to schedule appointments. Since I was new to the area, Dr. Pechak even recommended a dentist group (Dr. Christine Hanson) - who I love. The two of them have provided me the best dental care.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 10 months.
posted: 08/06/2008 4:58 PM

Patient Review:

I had my 2nd gum graft with Dr. Pechak. It is painless during and after the procedure and I am very happy with the results as I never thought it would be possible to fix with just gum graft. It has far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Pechak is very honest and gentle, he explained what he can do and what he cannot, what to expect during and after the surgery. No surprise. The post operative instructions detailed on how to take care and what to expect, hours, days, after the surgery. He is highly competent and skilled and provided an excellent service. I highly recommend Dr. Pechak to anybody who has periodontal work to be done.
I have seen other dentists and specialists, by far he is the best!
In addition, the staff there is pleasant and professional.
I wouldn't rate the facility like a health spa, but pleasant enough, comparable to other dental office.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 6 months.
posted: 06/20/2008 8:16 AM

Patient Review:

Excellent service, painless surgery with care/calls from Dr. Pechak. Process and steps were clearly explained, A+ service and highly recommended!
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 2 years.
posted: 04/26/2008 12:24 PM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak is a unique, highly competent and skilled periodontist. He is unique because he couples "people skills" with his surgical talents. He recently finished preparing three sites for surgical implants. Two of these sites were difficult because the crown of each tooth was gone and he had to remove the root. He made a very unpleasant task into near pain free experience. I am very happy with the results and recommend Dr. Pechak without reservation. He is a "rare find".
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 3 years.
posted: 04/23/2008 8:48 PM

Patient Review:

I would definitely recommend Dr.Pechak for crown lengthening procedure.He is very professional and courteous. I had no pain at all during and after procedure.The staff 's chairside manners were awesome.
Good work and thank you Dr.Pechak
posted: 04/08/2008 11:30 AM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak elegantly and efficiently achieved what previous doctors had told me was impossible.
Some inadequate grafts by one periodontist left me with worse gum recession than I had started out with, including a whopping 5mm of recession on one tooth! I found Dr. Pechak on Dr. Oogle and scheduled a consultation visit. Dr. Pechak showed me before and after pictures of patients with similar conditions, whose gumlines he had completely restored.
Dr. Pechak did an exquisite job on the surgery. Everything proceeded in a highly organized fashion, and there was no pain. Dr. Pechak's attention to detail was evident throughout the surgery. He and his assistant worked together seamlessly. Also, Dr. Pechak and his staff are very conscientious about proper hygiene practices, which I greatly appreciate.
Dr. Pechak completely covered the full 5mm of recession on the one tooth and covered the root of another tooth in the same surgery. The recovery was much easier than with the previous grafts I had.
Dr. Pechak and his staff are pleasant and friendly. I'm almost sad to be done with my follow-up visits! I will go back for grafts on two more teeth in a few months. Dr. Pechak is an exceptional surgeon, and I'm very glad to have found him.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 8 months.
posted: 02/21/2008 8:28 PM

Patient Review:

I give my highest level of recommendation for Dr. Pechak to anyone that has a need for periodontal work. I discovered that it was necessary to get an implant many years after an accident that chipped my front teeth. I was concerned and anxious about the aesthetics of an implant given the prominence of the front tooth. Dr. Pechak did an exceptional job considering the aesthetics and the functionality of the implant. My case was complicated and he coordinated and lead the problem solving with my dentist and endodontist to get me the best possible care and implant. He is truly a skilled professional.
Dr. Pechak was referred to me by my dentist and has far exceeded all of my expectations. He is an expert in his field with the cutting edge technology and knowledge. He and his staff conducted themselves in a professional, friendly, and caring manner. He assessed my needs, clarified my options, and clearly articulated what to expect. He went above and beyond my expectations in the effort made to achieve the best position of my gumline to fit my crowns.
Given the nature of this process, his knowledge, support and overall approach gave me back my smile, literally and figuratively. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 1 1/2 years.
posted: 12/04/2007 9:15 PM

Patient Review:

Rest assured, you are in good hands with Dr. Pechak. I am by my own admission a difficult patient. I had a complex set of dental problems known to me before I visited Dr. Pechak. And I require endless reassurances (the result of a prior bad experience). Dr. Pechak took up my case and all procedures he performed (gum graft/implant) were successful and relatively painless.
Dr. Pechak's, as a matter of routine, will discuss the reasons for a procedure and the details of the procedure. If you hesitate, he will encourage you to seek a second opinion. He is deft with dental instruments. An important quality when you consider the nerve endings lurking just below the surface of your gums. He practices follow-up calls. He brings you back in for progress checks. He doesn't forget your name. In other words, he's prepared when you walk through the door.
In my case, Dr. Pechak was part of a three person team of doctors necessary to fix my dental problems. This required coordination across three offices. I didn't have to become the administrator of my own treatment. The doctors spoke with each other and coordinated my treatments flawlessly.

About Hygienist: Chuckie is Dr. Pechak's assistant. Wonderful person. Competent, funny and warm.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: ~2 years.
posted: 06/18/2009 4:22 PM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak did my gum grafting surgery (half in Nov 2008 and half in May 2009), and I would highly recommend him. He knows what he's doing without being arrogant or overbearing (as many doctors and dentists can be); in fact, he's quite personable, and he fully explained everything ahead of time. While surgery is never pleasant, his confidence, skill, and pleasant manner made the entire experience as anxiety-free and pain-free as possible. All in all, I had feared gum grafting would be an awful and gruesome ordeal -- but it wasn't. And from what I can tell, the results are exactly as promised.
His dental assistant, Chuckie, also did a great job, was friendly, and helped put me at ease. Same for the staff at the front desk.
I will definitely use Dr. Pechak again if I ever have other periodontal needs.
(Pay no attention to my rating on cost -- I have no idea how his fees compare to others in the area, but there's no button for "don't know.")
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 6 months.
posted: 06/13/2009 5:21 PM

Patient Review:

I had recession for 15 years and was reluctant to have gum graft surgery. Dr. Pechak was very informative about the procedure, showing me pictures and statistics, which took away my concern for having the procedure. I did both sides together and was sedated and had no issues. Dr. Pechak and his staff were very considerate, kind and available post-op to answer questions. He did an outstanding job on the surgery and I have a great result both cosmetically and functionally. The sutures were a little annoying so I had several trips to have them removed. The procedure is expensive and my insurance hit the cap quickly but I am glad that I had this preventative procedure done.

About Hygienist: Chuck (a woman) was Dr. Pechak's assistant and she was amazing. She was very kind and always asked how I was feeling. She helped to explain the process every step of the way.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 3 months.
posted: 04/21/2009 10:08 AM

Patient Review:

My dentist referred me to Dr. Pechak because of exposed roots and receding gums. My consultation with Dr. Pechak revealed that I will need gum grafting all around. I just had my first surgery and it was a very pleasant experience. Absolutely no pain during or after the surgery. I didn't need any sedation, the numbing was enough.
The office is very relaxing, spa-like even and everyone there is so friendly. I can't say enough about how wonderful my experience was and knowing I will be back for three more surgeries doesn't bother me at all.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 1 month.
posted: 04/11/2009 11:03 PM

Patient Review:

I have had 3 gum grafts in the past 6 months. The first two were with a different doctor, and the third was with Dr. Pechak. Dr. Pechak's operation was by far the smoothest.
The following details made a huge difference. Dr. Pechak explained the steps of the operation as he went - so when he was cleaning my roots (which is the most forceful part of the operation), I knew that he was using a cleaning tool, not a scalpel (which is what I imagined in my other, much more scary, operations!). After only a week of healing, my Dr. Pechak gum looks better than the first two, which were done months ago. I had no scabbing on my Dr. Pechak gum, but quite a bit on the other two. Dr. Pechak uses a very thin suture thread, and so passing my tongue over the sutures did not irritate the area, which was a great relief compared to the non-Pechak operations. After my Dr. Pechak operation, I was not terribly anxious to get the sutures out - I hardly could detect they were there.
Thank you Chuckie (Dr. Pechak's assistant) for the moral support throughout the operation and for keeping me cheerful!
I highly recommend Dr. Pechak and his office. I wish I had visited him for my first two grafts as well.
Thanks again Dr. Pechak for the good work!
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 1 month.
posted: 02/02/2010 10:08 AM

Patient Review:

I received two oral surgery from Dr. Pechak, the first surgery was to remove my erupted front tooth and bone graft and the second surgery was to place the implant. Both surgeries went very well and post-surgery was pain less. I just needed to take pain relief medication for couple days just in case. Dr. Pechak is very professional and take a very good care of his patient. The office staff Kim and Chuckie is very professional and friendly. I definitely recommend Dr. Pechak to my friends.
I also receive my teeth cleaning service from dental hygienist Debbie, she's very gentle and thorough on her works. My best feeling about teeth cleaning ever !!!!
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 9 months.
posted: 12/04/2009 8:08 AM

Patient Review:

Do you know the commercial where this man says: "Unfortunately the Tooth Fairy doesn't come when yo u're 46" Well, this man is wrong. The Tooth Fairy does come and his name is dr. Pechak. Dr. Pechak and his staff are the best. They took care of me from the moment my front tooth had to be extracted until the implant was ready to support a crown. The whole process for an implant is costly and lengthy but well worth it. Dr. Pechak is courteous, friendly, very professional and in my opinion an excellent periodontist. I will definitely recommend him to everyone Even my own brother, who is a dentist himself was impressed by his work. Thanks Tooth Fairy!
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 6 months.
posted: 12/03/2009 11:29 AM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak did my tissue graft. He's very experienced, and the total process was almost painless and very efficient. He provided a gum-protector so it made my eating much at ease the first week after the surgery.
I had one similar dental work done with another periodontist before. I can tell Dr. Pechak's process is more advanced, the recovery was less troublesome as the one other graft I had before, and so far the result also looks better than the previous one.
Dr. Pechak must be talented in this field. He's also very friendly and caring for patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone needs a periodontal care.

About Hygienist: Chukie is Dr. Pechak's assistant. She's warm and professional. She did great job supporting me and easing my anxiety during the process.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 2 weeks.
posted: 02/28/2010 4:54 PM

Patient Review:

Dr. Pechak did the tooth extraction, bone grafting , and tooth implant/abutment for one of my upper front tooth in the past few months. He is very professional that I do feel the procedures are so smooth. The implant looks good so far and my general dentist, who is working on the crown of that implant, also think he did a good job on that. I will recommend him to anyone who need this procedure.

About Hygienist: Chuckie, Dr. Pechak's female assistant, is also very professional and friendly, she did a good job to smooth my anxiety through the procedures.
Treatment Length with Dr. Pechak: 10 Months.
posted: 02/18/2010 8:26 PM

Patient Review:

"Periodontal issues can be scary. I find you need a Dental Practice that focuses on the patient and provides a safe covid environment like no other. This is the practice you should choose. They are the very best at what they do and you will be so happy with the Perio and Implant Center of the Monterey Bay..."


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