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Minimally Invasive Tooth Removal


Our patients often times wonder when the tooth will be extracted, only to find we are all done! When we say comfortable, we mean it.

Piezoelectric technology has become the treatment of choice for delicate surgical bone grafting procedures. Dr. Pechak is using this innovative technology in lieu of the “drill” to make extremely precise and very gentle, minimally invasive incisions into bone.

The piezosurgery system uses ultrasound waves to cut bone without damaging soft tissue. Whereas traditional methods of bone-cutting, such as drills and burs, result in some tissue and bone loss regardless of the dentist’s precision, piezosurgery technology eliminates this risk. This means Dr. Pechak is able to perform procedures such as tooth extractions, crown lengthening, ridge expansion, periodontal therapy, and implant site preparation with increased accuracy and minimal discomfort. This technology is the safest means in which to remove a tooth, hidden or damaged root tips from a previous extraction done elsewhere, to prepare bone grafts and sites for dental implants. Since it will not injure soft tissues such as gum and nerves, it is a wonderful minimally invasive option to tooth removal.


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