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Digital X-Rays


At the Perio & Implant Center we strive to achieve our goal to provide the best service in dental care. In our efforts to do so, we utilize digital imaging for state‑of‑the‑art quality and service. Our digital X-ray system provides a greater comfort over the more common x-ray systems, with a soft flexible film for positioning within your mouth. We can see these results within seconds of the X-ray being taken, as we value your time.

Digital X-rays have less radiation than traditional, film X-rays. Additionally, since they are viewed on a computer screen, imaging software can be used to enlarge and enhance the image to view suspicious areas. These images can then also be shared with our referring dental offices via email.

Thus, it creates a convenient, very effective and state-of-the-art service for our patients.

Additionally, we can easily email our X-rays to you, the patient, so you never have to retake an X-ray for the same problem at another dentist, saving on costs in addition to an added convenience. We are happy to provide to all our referrals, quickly and easily, any material from our office to there's with a click of a button.

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